Enjoy the paycheck loan to pay debts at Christmas

Payday loan for Christmas and New Year!

Payday loan for Christmas and New Year!


End of the year is coming and a lot of people want to take advantage of the payday loan facilities to pay off debts and enter Christmas and New Year free of financial troubles, funny every year is the same thing. With the arrival of the holiday season, whoever can apply for the credit line, the consigned loan, is already thinking of getting the extra money lent to the buzzwords, not just for this, giving gifts to grandchildren, nephews and secret friends, nothing cheap attitude. See http://rishipac.com

Why not ” get a paycheck loan ” to buy Christmas gifts, or better yet, pay outstanding debts or take them off if you have them. In fact, retirees and pensioners of the INSS live by lending money to family members, relatives and even friends, mainly because they know that the beneficiaries get “consignment credit” with very low interest rates. But also, with this alternative of paying interest of only 0.72 am to 12 months or 1.67% in 60 months is tempting.

Payroll loan 

Payroll loan 


At first yes! They say that the payroll loan is good for everyone, for who requests the credit, because the interest is reduced and for the lender, who lends, because the risks of default are minimal.

To hire the payroll, the retiree or first pensioner should reflect on the actual need to borrow the loan, the same that will generate a debt for at least five years – but, Carla the loan is not for me – then the situation it will get worse, I worked in a credit counseling, and the experiences with this type of favor for relatives, family and friends, are nothing but nothing pleasant. Advice: Never use your name to borrow from someone other than yourself.

Carla, but I really need this money? Yes, what is the purpose of borrowing money? Always ask these questions, they serve to assess whether the “consignment loan contact” or not, will meet your expectations. The main objective of the questions is to know if your income (monthly retirement), will carry more debt.

The payroll loan is currently the credit line with the lowest interest rate in the market, most of the borrowers of the sport, request it motivated by this fact, taking out the “loan to friends and relatives”, the retirees and pensioner contract the payroll simply to settle other debts. In this case we can even call it a (consolidation) debt swap, since the installments of the new loan will have to be paid for up to 60 months, the most requested term of the modality.

Are you going to hire a payroll loan?

1) If it is to pay debts, assess whether debts with other financial operations are more expensive than payroll interest, if the difference is not at least 3%, it may not have much advantage.

2 -) The contracting of consignment is to help a friend, relative or family, think very well before riding this car without brake, understood, right. Hardly this good will will be will be rewarded in a satisfactory way, on the contrary, this favor can even become a reason for intrigue and quarrels among those involved. If the borrower of the loan does not pay, the damage is only the beneficiary.

3 -) Want to please the grandchildren and grandchildren, use the credit card, parcele without interest, do not forget to separate the amount monthly for this expense.

The commitment of the income with payroll is 30% for loans, without the use of the consigned card, and 20% for loan and 10% for the card. The cheapest interest is practiced by Caixa Econômica, the minimum 0.72% and the maximum of 1.67%. The release of the money is fast and without bureaucracy, there is no consultation with the SPC and Serasa. The release threshold depends on the insured’s income.