Gandalf Debt Consolidation

The Gandalf Consolidación range is a savings and investment solution designed to preserve at least % of the initial investment , increasing that level as profitability is achieved. To achieve this profitability, it has the diversification between different asset classes that are managed dynamically by a highly qualified team. The minimum target price and the preservation percentage of each client are always known. This range benefits from the tax advantages of investment funds. Next, we detail the characteristics of the fund and the plan that make up the Gandalf Consolidation range.

Gandalf Consolidation Fund

The objective of unsecured profitability of this fund is to ensure that the daily net asset value is not less than % of the historical maximum reached. It is a mixed international equity fund. It invests in assets with high risk such as variable income, emerging or low quality fixed income in search of profitability, combined with other assets of lower risk, such as short-term fixed income, to control the total risk of the portfolio and be able to comply with the profitability objective. Seeks to consolidate the target net asset value , being unable to obtain profitability or even losses. Depending on the degree reached in terms of coverage of the objective, the weight of the highest risk assets will vary. If the market circumstances are particularly adverse, the fund could be invested almost exclusively in very low risk and profitability assets. The maximum exposure to equities will be 60%. Investment in currencies other than the euro can reach a maximum of 50% of the portfolio. It is rated on the risk scale of financial products with a 5 (medium-high) and the recommended investment horizon is at least two years.

Gandalf Consolidation Plan

To complete the Gandalf consolidation range, the pension plan with the same name was launched, due to its vocation to control portfolio risks and consolidate long-term profits. It is an international mixed equity pension plan, which can invest between 0 and 60% of the assets in equities. What is sought is to maximize profitability in the medium term, with investments always subject to the objective of unsecured consolidation, which consists in that the daily net asset value is not less than % of the maximum historical liquidation value that has been reached. Its rating is 5 out of 7 on the risk scale.

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